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The last day of my trip is about to start here in Glasgow. I had an enjoyable (and unexpected) night with an old friend whom I’ve not seen for a couple of years. As you can imagine, Glasgow on a Saturday night was buzzing. I really like this city and always look forward to visiting as it’s such a historic, vibrant and multicultural place. Here’s a couple of pictures from last night.

I love the architecture here…
The Steps Bar. A classic old boozer in the centre of town.
An old friend from the South still in service.

But now it’s back to ‘work’, exploring some of the city’s suburban rail network before ending my trip elsewhere this evening. Where? Feel free to pop back later to find out!


Glasgow is still asleep this time on a Sunday. I wandered over to Sauchihall Street to buy breakfast from Tesco and the only people around were a few cleaners waiting to start work mucking out the mess from a nearby club. My hotel’s right next to Charing Cross station so catching my first train of the day’s easy.


My first train of the day is a class unique to Scotland. The Alstom built class 334 EMUs.


I’m at Journey’s end, Having arrived on Oban on the west coast of Scotland. But the blog doesn’t end just yet. I’m merely taking a break for a few hours to enjoy some downtime. I’ll update things a bit later when I’ve had chance to relax – and enjoy the weather.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Mind you, the trips isn’t entirely over. I may have finished my seven day rover, but I’ve still got to get back to Yorkshire tomorrow which will be a trip in itself…


Well, I had great plans for updating this blog with thoughts, feelings and pictures from Oban tonight, but the hotel wifi is useless. Sooo – we’ll all have to wait until tomorrow when I can access wifi elsewhere. I’d tether my phone snd usr that but that’s some serious Mb I’d be using. Instead, I’m going to have an early night and make the most of tomorrow. I’ve not been back to Oban for 17 years so I’m going to enjoy it. Who knows when I’ll be back again?