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After a quiet night at home in which my wardrobe was replenished or washed (no more carting around old sweaty socks!) I’m back on the rails again and ahead of schedule. I’m currently on Northern’s 07:38 from Halifax to Leeds. Today I’m making my way to Scotland via a roundabout route that will take in some more lines I’ve never covered on these RAIL rovers in the whole of the 18 years I’ve been doing them. This is my tenth. I started them in 2004 (God, just typing that makes me feel old!) and the changes I’ve seen in that time have been quite remarkable. Who’s have thought back than that I’d be typing this on one of the Northern franchise’s fleet of new trains?

Feel free to pop back during the day to see what I get up to.


Having changed trains at Leeds I’m now on my way to York behind this beastie..


I didn’t hang around at York but almost immediatly caught a rather quieter TPE device, a Class 802 as far as Darlington, where I joined a rather older mode of rail travel.


Apologies for absence but I’ve been a busy bee. My trip to Saltburn was excellent. It’s left me lots to write about and the weather was perfect. The old station building has been given over to private uses but it still looks magnificent. Extar colour was added by the fact there’s a flea-market outside on a Saturday. I couldn’t stay long but I did wander down to admire the views over the coast and beaches, as well as spot a railway my Rover isn’t valid on.

I stopped off a couple of times on the way back. First at Redcar, then Middlesbrough – which possesses yet another magnificent station building. I swapped trains again in order to head up the Durham coast line which has changed enormously sine I last traversed the route. Arriving in Newcastle I flipped from local to Intercity trains and now I’m on my way to Edinburgh. Here’s a selection of pictures from the trip so far, including an observational test…

The flea-market outside the old station building at Saltburn.
‘Do you accept Rail Rovers’? The Saltburn tramway down to the pier.
The stunning station booking office at Middlesbrough.
An observational test. Feel free to post the answer when you spot it…


Back in civilization…

The waiting room at Edinburgh Waverley.

I’m on the second leg of my journey, from a packed Edinburgh Waverley station to Stirling before heading for Glasgow. I’m on the Kings Cross – Inverness ‘Highland Chieftain’ which is running 15 mins late due to speed restrictions and extra stops inserted into its timetable due to other trains being cancelled.

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