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09:05.Slightly later than planned due to delays I’m heading back to London for a couple of days work for clients. As is often the case in my line of work the weather will play a large part in how successful things are. Right now I’m chugging up the long climb from Bradford Interchange in a Northern Class 153 attached to the rear of a 2-car 158. The hopper windows allow plenty of ventilation- as well as sound effects from the underfloor engine working hard.Yesterday’s persistent rain has vanished although the skies are full of clouds displaying the entire palette of grey from off-white to battleship, daubed across a clear blue sky which briefly manages to show its face. Let’s see how the day develops…11.15.A few minutes ago we pulled out of Peterborough, our first stop since Doncaster. It’s been a very pleasant trip. I’ve a table in the half empty Quiet coach on LNER’s 09:45 from Leeds which is made up of a Mk 4 set.The wifi tells me that we’re belting along at 114mph and that we arrived 5 mins early into Peterborough, where we sat waiting a right time departure.But the times are a changing, as old Bob Dylan sang. The first of LNER’s Mk4 sets went off-lease this week. It was moved to the former coal wagon sidings at Worksop for storage (alongside brand new trains like the Crossrail Class 345s). More Mk 4s will follow shortly as the new Azuma fleet takes over more and more services. Sights like this will soon be a thing of the past.DG324698crop


After lunch with an old friend – the journalist and author Michael William’s, I’m up in Finchkey doing some photography at a retirement home. It certainly makes a change from railways!