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After another long morning editing pictures for my website and clients I’ve escaped the confines of the office to sally forth to Manchester again, this time to swap some of the shopping I picked up for Dawn in time for her to pack for her break with her Brother in Surrey. Admittedly, I also gave me chance to pick up some resoled shoes from the cobblers in Halifax which have been left with D in Huddersfield.As usual I caught the local train from Halifax to Huddersfield. It’s hard to believe now, but this service only started in 2000. Before then, the line from Salterhebble to Greetland Junction was a mothballed freight only line. My service was worked by the first Class 144 ‘Pacer’, 144001, which is very much living on borrowed time. All the Class should have been withdrawn by now but delays to the introduction of the new trains has seen them soldier on.

Sadly, the sunshine I basked in yesterday’s given way to far more typical Pennine weather – grey skies, low cloud and rain.On the bright side, I’ve actually managed to grab a seat on the TPE service that’s taking me to Manchester Victoria. Normally there’s more chance of finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar!


The weather in Manchester’s been miserable. The rain increased in intensity before I arrived and continued since, leaving the place reminiscent of those city scenes in the film ‘Bladerunner’ where it’s constantly raining. Many Mancunians have resorted to hiding under umbrellas, leaving the place looking like it’s infested with mobile mushrooms…

Now I’m on a TPE service back to Huddersfield. I most the first one at Piccadilly. The next service was routed via the Ordsall chord and Victoria, where we’re now stuck awaiting a driver. As I type this, two women cyclists who were doing passable impressions of drowned rats have (optimistically) pitched up, hoping to get on this 3 car train. I can’t see that happening as the Conductor had to appeal to people to move down the aisles so that we didn’t leave any passengers behind. They were saved by the fact the far more lightly loaded 18:02 service was in the platform behind us.

As we sped through Stalybridge I cast an envious glance at the station buffet bar from my position jammed up against the train door window.


Time for bed! When I got home I ended up glued to the laptop screen editing more pictures whilst Dawn was a domestic Goddess, cooking Spanish prawns for supper. Tomorrow there’s another change of pace as I’m back down to London for a couple of days, so expect more rolling blogs…