13:11.It’s been such a busy day there’s been no time to blog, despite there being a huge amount to blog about! Right now I’m on the W7 bus travelling through my old home – Crouch End in North London – and so many happy memories are flooding back. I’m on my way to Crouch Hill station to do the third of three after doing two of today’s three jobs and to meet up with Michael Williams again. Here we were yesterday.

Today’s adventure’s been made more interesting by rich and varied weather as well as visiting old haunts across London. As well as carrying out the commission I’ve had the opportunity to get a few library pictures too.I’ll blog more later, once the next job’s done.17:54.Commission completed, Michael and I had a very enjoyable lunch together and caught up on times old and new, including his next book project. I’m looking forward to accompanying him on at least one of his jaunts.Now I’m making my way back North via the East Coadt Main Line, although I wish I had more time as the weather’s ideal for lineside photography.The past couple of days have been very enjoyable. I’ve had chance to catch up with two old friends, do some work and explore old stomping grounds, one of which was the Hertford loop line. When I lived in Nirth London Lynn and I would often use it to go walking in the Hertfordshire countryside and many of the plants in our Crouch End garden came from the garden centres clustered near Grange Park station. Nearly everything was brought back on the train. It must have looked odd to other passengers when two people boarded the train carrying enormous black bamboo plants. Now I see the station’s slowly slipping backwards down the embankment…


After a brief stop to change trains at Doncaster I’m now on my way to Leeds and (eventually) home. The station yard nearly always holds something of interest and today was no exception. You could see the railway version of the changing of the guard as several brand-new Northern Rail Class 331s rubbed shoulders with LNER’S 91119 which has been repainted into its original BR Intercity livery. The 91 passed me earlier today when it was being hauled by a classmate along the Hertford loop from Bounds Green dept in North London. Looking at it now I’ve noticed the damage to the front-end fairing below the coupler, which suggests that it’s hit something, which might explain why it’s here.


Having arrived in Leeds my first train home is the 19:38 to Chester. Made up of a 153 plus 2-car 158. I was amazed how quiet it was and also how many folk were bailing off it. All was revealed when I grabbed a table seat in the 153 and the friendly conductor explained that – due to a blockage on the line between Bradford and Halifax – we were being diverted via Brighouse, so Halifax would be our first stop! No wonder so many folk were bailing, they were going to Bradford!


We’re now bowling along the line through Brighouse non-stop, which is a rare treat. Our Conductor has been excellent, constantly keeping passengers informed and even talked over the Tannoy about route knowledge. He explained the we were allowed to come this way because both he and the driver ‘sign the road’ via Dewsbury, whereas the Blackpool bound train behind us is stuck in Leeds because the crew don’t!


We’re sat at Greetland Jn waiting for a clear road to Hakifax but there’s congestion due to the fact many trains will have to reverse at Halifax, there’s 6 trains in the way so we’re being diverted to Sowerby Sowerby Bridge instead. The problem? He explained. A lorry has struck a bridge and knocked a lamp post onto the track, which was then struck by a train.


A welcome sight as I walk up from the station. Not only is it a beautiful evening, this signals the fact I’m almost home!