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I’ve left the rest of the family sleeping whilst I’ve hot up early to indulge my joint passions of walking and exploring. Next to where we’re staying is a remnant of the old Midland and Great Northern Railway (M&GNR) which closed to passenger in March 1959 and completely on the 1st January 1966. This section has been converted into a footpath known as the ‘Weaver’s Way’ so I’m off to explore.

I’ll post pictures and updates later…


I’m now taking a break at North Walsham station after a beautiful walk. This is a fantastic time of year for rambling as the hedgerows are bursting with summer fruits. As I was starting from the middle of nowhere the initial part of the route was deathly quiet. I passed a couple of cyclists and thatcwas about it. The old line’s heavily overgrown in parts but still easily navigable. It makes a superb wildlife cortidor. There’s a mixture of cuttings and embankments so the line has a variety of structures (over and underbridges) plus the remains of the single platform station (complete with old building) at Framlingham. Here’s some initial pictures

Summer bounty…
The road bridge near Pine Tree farm where I first accessed the old line.
Mature trees have grown up along the line since it closed 66 years ago.
The well preserved platform at the old Framlingham station, looking East towards North Walsham.
Platform and former station building at Framlingham.


I decided to flag the next train from North Walsham in order to look around and get some pictures. I must admit, it’s not the most exciting place and a bit of a disappointment. It’s run down compared to the other market towns we’ve visited. Still, it gave me chance of a break.

One of Greater Anglia’s excellent Stadler built 4-car bi-mode trains working to Cromer and Sheringham.

Right now I’m waiting for the return working of this unit which I’ll catch as far as Hoveton and Wroxton on the edge of the Norfolk broads where I’ll meet up with everyone else.


Train time!


The end of the day. There’s so much more I could write about our travels as we went on to explore the Norfolk broads but I’m meant to be on holiday! Instead, I’ll leave you with a final picture from Hoveton and Wroxham on the Bure Valley Railway as one of their services arrives at the end of the line – just as a freight train heading for North Walsham passes on the main line. If only one had been earlier and the other later…

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