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I’m about to head out to Central station for another assignment that involves battery trains. The railways have been having a torrid time of it over the past few days, the line to Glasgow from London’s been disrupted by fallen trees, delaying many people getting to COP26. There’s an irony here. The charity The Woodland Trust have been campaigning against Network Rail clearing back lineside vegetation along rail routes. No-one wants to see tree cover diminish, but it’s about having trees in the right place, and where they’re a danger to life and limb (too nay trains have hit fallen trees) or cause such massive disruption as they have done, then (no matter what the WT claim) they need to be removed. Go plant them somewhere else.

Another incident at Salisbury has left two trains badly damaged – fortunately without any serious injuries to passengers or crews. We all take railway safety seriously and any lessons that can be learned will, so I refuse to speculate on any reasons for the accident.

The weather here in Glasgow’s brightening up, so I’m off out, I’ll update this blog as I go…


Sorry, this hasn’t been much of a rolling blog as I’ve just been too busy with the events, taking pictures and meeting people. It has been a fascinating day tho’. Glasgow Central station’s been buzzing. A media centre’s been set up on the first floor of one of the vacant buildings (the old bar) and people have been coming and going all day as many VIPs have been arriving. At the same time I’ve been working on the Vivarail event and their shuttle train which took invited guests on a return trip to Barrhead. But, before we ran the trip, a nameplate was presented to the man behind the whole idea, Adrian Shooter by Bill Reeve, Director of Rail for Transport Scotland.

Bill Reeve (right) with Adrian Shooter and a copy of the nameplate attached to 230001.
230001 leaves Glasgow Central after the event to return to Polmadie.

Whilst all this was happening the VIPs kept arriving. I saw these people getting off the train from London…

Needless to say, the atmosphere in Glasgow is starting to ramp up now that COP26 has begun in earnest with the arrival of the politicians and heads of state. I’ll be spending another day here tomorrow on a similar event but also hope to have a look at a couple of other things before returning South for a few days to catch up with other work before returning for transport day on the 10th when a rather different type of train will be running.

Oh, I did pop back to the station later, at which point the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ circus had started arriving in town. Regular readers will know just how cynical I am about XR, its people, its methods and its ideology – but they do provided a good opportunity for a photographer. Here’s the ‘Red Rebels’ at Central station, because nothing is going to stop Climate Change like dressing up and pretending you’re a ‘green’ version of Marcel Marceau…

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