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Sorry for the lack of blogging these past few days but both Dawn and I have been enjoying our break in London. The National Rail Awards was a brilliant event that we took some time to come down from. The next day we’d arranged to meet up with a couple of old friends and spent a lovely afternoon in Clapham catching up with them whilst eating and drinking alfresco in balmy weather. The past few days have been incredibly sociable, which has been wonderful. The chance to see people in three dimensions rather than two is something that’s been sadly missing these past 18 months.

On Saturday I took Dawn for a wander around the streets of Central London using my knowledge of the city gained from having lived there for 25 years. That said, I’m amazed at just how much has changed in the past decade since I left. Some quarters are almost unrecognisable whilst others have the levels of building replacement that hasn’t been seen since the war. London’s growing. Upwards…

How sustainable this growth is in a post Brexit world is very much open to question as the strains on the economy are obvious. If you’re willing to work for them the hospitality industry would tear your arm off – but could you afford somewhere to live? The Brexitshambles and the consequences of leaving the single market and customs union are biting – despite what the Government and Brexiters would like to claim.

After our wanderings and enjoying visiting an old haunt on the Thames we headed home. Today we’ve had a lazy one at home, spending the time ensuring we’re Covid safe by sticking all our travel clothes in the wash before relaxing then getting out for a short walk on the moors before a quick visit to one of our favorite pubs – the Moorcock Inn on Norland Moor.

Now ’tis time to relax at home before the start of another busy week. I’ve several articles to write and a load of pictures to edit. I’m expecting to spend most of the week at home, but…The weather forecast is suggesting we may be in for another period of warm weather and sunshine, so I’d be foolish to waste it. Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, here’s the picture of the day, which was taken yesterday from the South bank of the Thames outside an old haunt, the Founders Arms pub next to The Tate Modern. This pub has a lot of outside seating which offers superb views across the river to a city skyline that’s ever-changing. When I first moved to London only two of those skyscrapers existed and the ‘wobbly bridge’ in the foreground wasn’t even thought of.

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