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Ah, the last day of summer – and it wasn’t a bad one weather-wise. Unfortunately, I was stuck in all day catching up on editing the mountain of pictures I’ve been taking these past couple of weeks in order to get them out to clients and/or on my website. My Zenfolio site now hosts two new galleries. One of pictures from the Infrarail/Railtex trade fair (which you can find here) and another from the ‘3 Peaks by Rail’ trip which you can find here. Oh, I’ve also added a variety of rail pictures taken out and about. They’re in various galleries, but if you follow this link to the ‘recent’ section of my website It’ll highlight which galleries they’ve been added to. If I manage to have a sufficiently early start tomorrow and clear the final items I need to have finished I might be able to venture out and make the most of the first day of autumn as the forecast remains good.

I suspect I’ll be tied to home most of the rest of the week as I’ve a couple of articles to pen about the 3 Peaks trip, and there’s a couple of blogs I’d like to get sorted out too. They’re not going to be about any HS2 protests as they’ve collapsed. There’s nothing happening at the moment until the final waste of space that’s the Wendover ‘protection’ camp is evicted, which will be anytime now. As predicted, the MPs debate on September 13th was another pointless exercise that achieved nothing at all. The room, which can hold about 50 MPs wasn’t even full. The ‘usual suspects’ who oppose HS2 trotted out the same tired and trite arguments and spin. All it was was an exercise in grandstanding. It was clear from the comments on some of the anti HS2 Facebook pages that people were expecting far more and were bitterly disappointed. Now it’s over, they’re left with nothing. There’s still going to be plenty to write about with HS2, but that’s going to be about the civil engineering and ecological mitigation work. I’ve several visits lined up for the autumn, so watch this space.

In the meantime, let’s move on to the picture of the day, which comes from my recent travels. Here’s Wasdale Head in Cumbria, the nearest settlement to Scafell Pike. The hotel you see in the bottom of the picture’s the Wasdale Head Inn which was an ideal spot to while away an hour whilst I waited for the 3 Peaks teams to come down from the mountain.

I love the lighting conditions here as you never quite know what you’re going to get! This day it was low cloud and fleeting glimpses of the sun, but that’s the Lake District for you…

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