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Well, today’s been a bit of a washout – literally! The rain has been unceasing, morning noon and night. So much so that this is the only day so far this year where my exercise level is well below par. I did venture out in the late afternoon when it became obvious the rain wasn’t going to give up as I had some food shopping to do, but conditions were so bad I ended up getting soaked despite being bedecked in waterproofs. Today was definitely one for curling up in front of a fire with a drink and a good book.

Instead, I’ve spent most of it scanning old slides in an effort to feel that I’ve at least achieved something, although it’s quite frustrating being trapped (in more ways than one) whilst looking through a collection of photographs from exotic, warm and sunny climes!

Still, it’s provided me with an new picture of the day. In fact, it’s been hard to choose which one to use as there’s plenty that would make the cut, but I’ve finally plumped for this shot. I took this shot in from the Nehru bridge over the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, in the Gujarat, India on the 15th February 2000. For me, the contrast summed up much of India.

Whilst a new Holiday Inn dominates the skyline, slums line the bank of the river where an enterprising chap has built a simple Ferris wheel for children as a way of eking out a living. I wonder what the guests at the hotel though when they gazed out of the window of their plush hotel only to find the vista wasn’t quite what was suggested in the brochure?

The scene’s changed since 2000 of course. The hotel’s still there, only it’s no longer a Holiday Inn but a ‘Lemon Tree’. The slums have been swept away and who knows what’s happened to the people. Now a new road (Riverfront Rd) and a walkway line the Sabermati’s banks.

If you want to see more picture from India I’m adding them to this gallery. I’ve still a hundred plus to add over the next week or two…

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