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Today’s a day that’s been dominated by Jet, our cat, who’s been at the vets for the past 24 hours. Tonight we brought him home. The boy old boy’s returned with stitches in his mouth as the vets had discovered the two mandibles that make up his lower jaw had become separated and misaligned, which was causing him a lot of discomfort and stopped him eating. Now he’s rehydrated and fed he’s regained some weight. It’s Dawn and I that’s lost several pounds (and then some)! Nonetheless, it’s lovely to have him home and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have managed to get some work done, but not as much as I’d liked. Dawn’s on a ‘virtual retreat’ this weekend, so I’m going to use the time to catch up with work and chores. Well, let’s face it – it’s not as if I’ve got a flight to catch, is it?

What I have managed to do this evening is get a few slides scanned, which has provided the picture of the day. Yesterday’s was a view of the ‘little beach’ in Goa, India. Here’s looking the other way…

This is the view of the magnificent main beach at was was then still a fairly sleepy little fishing village of Arambol in North Goa. You can see the boats pulled up all along the beach. The shacks that you can see at the back of the beach appear during the tourist season to sell food and drink to tourists, then disappeared once the season ended. The main part of the village is beneath the palm trees behind them. The beach stretches Southwards for miles so it was always easy to find a quiet spot to sit and sunbathe before splashing around in a sea which didn’t develop any real waves (unlike the little beach, which could be much more fun). This wasn’t paradise by any means, but it certainly deserved an honorable mention!

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