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There’s an old Jethro Tull song about ‘a cold wind to Valhalla’ – and that’s certainly how it’s felt today. The weather’s been perishing. We’ve escaped the latest snowfall where we are, but only by about 100 metres as you can see the tops of the valley around us capped in white. Despite this I was determined to get out and make up for my lack of exercise yesterday – and so I did – because it may have been bloody cold but that meant there was no rain. Instead we had desultory attempts at snow that were easily brushed aside.

My perishing perambulations took me down into Sowerby Bridge to pick up some shopping before returning to ‘chill’ in my office and sort out some more old slide scans, hence the latest picture of the day. After suffering what’s been very much a monochrome world here’s something very different. I took this picture at the ‘flea market’ in Anjuna, Goa, India on the 2nd February 2000.

Here’s a tribal family selling home-made clothing of the sort that catches many a European’s eye. They’ll happily sport such attire around India, but you just know it gets consigned to the back of the wardrobe (or charity shop) when they get home! No matter, it provided a steady income for these Indian families and helped keep some old crafts alive.

I always enjoyed the flea market at Anjuna as it was such a fantastic place to people watch. You can find more pictures from the market in this gallery.

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