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Work and other pressure have meant that I’ve had to let blogging drift for a few days as there’s just not been enough time to do everything that I’ve been wanting to. Even my normal exercise regime has gone to rat-shit this week so I’m determind to pick up the pace next week – which promises to be challenging as there’s a lot to fit in!

On the bright side, all those of you who’ve been buying railway memoribila and old railway slides from me off eBay have your orders sitting in our local post box, ready for collection in the morning. I still have various old railway slides for sale and here’s a sample. For those of you watching in black and white, here’s what the link shows you!


Right, lets move on to the picture of the day….

As well as everything else I’m doing at the moment I’m still trying to keep scanning other old slides as I’m determined to finish my railway archive before the end of the year. Right now I’m on an album of pictures from 2001-2002 which was when we started building what was then known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) from London’s St Pancras station through to the existing high-speed line at Fawkham Junction in Kent that would make the trundle along the existing ‘classic’ line to Waterloo International redundent. The finished product wouldn’t open until 2007. As I was still living in London in those days it was a project I followed with interest and popped down to the worksites around St Pancras every couple of weeks – hence today’s picture. Right next to the original St Pancras station was a cluster of old gasometers which has to be demolished to make way for the extended station. I was there on the evening of the 24th July 2001 when the weather was perfect and got this picture.

09607. Gasometers. Kings Cross. 24.7.01. 09607. (1)

Unless you know the area around Kings Cross and St Pancras it’s difficult to explain what a transformation they’ve experienced in the past 20 years. It wouls literally take a book. All I can say is I’m glad to have known it then as well as now…

I’ve a favour to ask…
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