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I’m back after a hectic few days which have left me little time to blog as I’ve been busy writing a magazine article for RAIL and catching up on other work commitments. Today’s been in similar vein although Dawn and I did make our weekly trip over to Huddersfield to do the shopping for her parents. Whilst we were there we met up with a couple of colleagues in a pub beer garden – about the only place you’re officially allowed to now we’re in local Covid ‘lockdown’ and the rules and regulations have got increasingly complicated and bizarre.

It was good to see the pair of them. Graham gave me a copy of his new magazine which I’ve supplied pictures for and I look forward to contributing articles in future editions.


‘Train Traveller’ is published by my friends at Key publishing. It’s a glossy, 115 page mag that features various writers experiences of travelling by rail all across the world. As you can see from the cover it features destinations both whimsical and exotic and talks about the experience of rail travel from the passengers perspective, not about the technical minutiae of railway operations. It ranges from New Zealand (shown on the cover) to a chance meeting of people on a Grand Central train to Yorkshire.


There’s also book reviews and features from such well-known writers as Micheal Williams of the ‘On the slow train’ book series.

You can order the magazine though Key Publishing’s website by following this link. The magazine descibes itself like this

Train Traveller is the eagerly awaited publication for people that travel by rail just because they can. Covering inspirational routes in the UK and overseas, classic rail architecture, memorable journeys and spectacular destinations, Train Traveller is the antithesis of network delays and operator strikes. At its best, rail travel is an amazing experience, this special volume focusses on that best.

Train Traveller highlights journeys from both sides of the Equator and encourages travellers to escape the hire car rat race to view the world in comfort.”

Why not not order a copy, put your feet up and enjoy the travel experiences from the safety and serenity of your own home right now, seeing as many of us have had our travel wings clipped for now?

I’ve a favour to ask…
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