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It’s late and it’s been a long day where I’ve spent most of my time writing and researching a magazine article but that’s been fun as I’ve learned a lot in the process, which is always a bonus. I’ll say more about it when I have a publication schedule. I’ve also been ‘zooming’ to talk to a station friends group who’ve entered the Community Rail awards. To say the limitations of the  technology let us down would be an understatement. Anyone who claims this is the future is talking out of a fundamental orifice! It’s a reasonable substitute for face to face meetings in these Covid times, but it will never replace them.

It wasn’t the best day to be stuck indoors as the weather here in West Yorkshire’s been hot and humid with a mix of sunshine and showers. The rest of the week’s weather is looking mixed too – which might supply some photographic opportunities after tomorrow when I’m free of the office as the article I’m writing will be submittted.

The theme of storms leads me neatly into the picture of the day, which was taken at Coral Bay on the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia on the 8th October 2009. These East coast islands close later that month as the Monsoon brings stormy weather that render them inaccesable to tourists. On this day we were given a taste of what that must look like as this particular storm approached and I managed to catch it on camera…

DG36861. Approaching storm. Coral Bay. Perhentian Islands. Malaysia. 8.10.09.crop

You can find more pictures of these beautiful Islands here. Perhaps I’ll get back there one day….


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