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Apologies for no picture (or blog) yesterday. I’ve rather a lot on at the moment and I didn’t manage to find the time to fit one in on top of everything else. I’m writing writing for pay not pleasure this week, so something has had to take a back seat. On the bright side, once this week is over I should have more time to fit in a lot more things, including scanning more old slides as well as actually getting out and about for (hopefully) my first trip on the UK rail network since March.

Oh, I have added a few more bits of railway memoribilia and surplus slides to eBay, but as I’ve reached my sellers limit there’s no more on offer for now. Here’s one of the items on offer, a Pullman car company badge.

OK, onto the picture of the day. The weather’s wild and windy here in West Yorkshire still, so I thought I’d brighten up life with a bit of sunshine – but not any old sunset. This is something very different. Here’s a classic old ‘toast rack’ tram on the former Carioca aqueduct in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken on the 7th August 2002.

T13535. Tram on the Arco de Treles at sunset. Centro. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. 7.8.2002crop

Sadly, following a fatal accident in 2011 the service has been cut back from what it was when you could get a tram all the way to Santa Teresa. You can find more pictures of the tramway (and Brazil) in this gallery.



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