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It’s been a good day to be stuck at home in the office, catching up on photo editing and paperwork as the weather’s been wet, wet, wet! On the bright side, it means I’ve not needed to water the garden, although the sunflowers have taken a bit of a battering and obviously need some bigger (heavier) pots.

Instead, I spent several hours getting a variety of pictures edited and uploaded to my Zenfolio website. If you follow this link you can find which galleries they’ve been added to. After that It was time to try and get on top of paperwork – a never ending task.

In between the showers I did manage prevent getting corns on my arse by venturing out for an afternoon constitutional, walking up through Scarr Woods and along the promenade in order to stretch my legs and get the blood pumping. That’s not hard around here as it doesn’t matter which direction you leave the house in – it ain’t flat!

Having got a load of work done I ended up spending a few hours working on our much overdue bathroom refurbishment. Talk about trying to keep lots of balls in the air. Finally, I nipped out to join some friends in our local pub to have a crack at the Friday quiz and – in the words of Hercule Poirot, exercise the ‘little grey cells’ suitably lubricated by a pint or two before returning home at a sensible time – hence me now penning this! Having a bit of time to spare I’ve updated yesterdays rolling blog with a few pictures of the stations we visited. As well as getting record shots to use in the judging I did have chance to grab a few more creative pictures, such as this one taken at Stoke-On-Trent station on Wednesday. I love playing around with shadows and light and this was an ideal opportunity as it’s such a big (and mostly blank), canvas

DG328841. Shadows and light. Stoke-On-Trent. 17.7.19.crop

Hopefully, over the next few weeks – and if the weather plays ball – I’ll be in a position to add a few more like this. I’ve certainly got a few in mind but the ACoRP judging schedule’s quite intense, and that’s without my other commissions to consider.

Tomorrow’s going to be another day where the weather forecast says “stay at home”, which we will be doing for most of it, although some of the gang from our local pub (the big 6) are on tour locally. We’re off to enjoy Thai tapas at an excellent restaurant in nearby West Vale called Café Thai.

No doubt I’ll be writing about the day as it unfolds, along with a blogging staple – food pictures! Oh, and at some point there’s going to be some serious spleen-venting as it’s looking increasingly likely we’re going to be electing a British version of Donald Trump. Well, when I say ‘we’, I meant that faction of Tory party members who’ve become part of a death cult. I can’t imagine that it will be long before Boris Johnson makes a complete balls-up of Brexit and Government and possibly (or probably) precipitates a general election. Not every member of the Tory party is a Brextremist, so expect a slew of resignations if Johnson does manage to become Prime Minister.

If only the Labour party would ditch ‘Magic Grandad’ and co…