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So much for a quiet night. The problem with Derby is that it’s a railway town, so you’re never far from someone you know. After finishing our judging and being dropped off by Donna, Mark and I went for a much deserved pint and something to eat. Afterwards, my plan was to come home and work in the hotel to catch up on pictures and a few bits. Hah! As I’m on the phone outside the station I bump into an old train driving friend, Rob Buchanan Scott. For once, I take a ‘selfie’ with him – something I rarely do because as a photographer, we make other people the stories, not ourselves. Next thing I know I get a message from another old friend (Jon Lusher) who happens to be staying in the very same hotel, so we end up meeting up for a catch-up for the first time in several years!So, work delayed.Right now I’, off for breakfast as we’re on the road again at 08:00. We’ve four more stations to see today, starting with Donna driving us to Market Rasen, let’s see how the day goes…


It’s been a busy day so far as we’ve covered a lot of miles but only seen two stations! It took our host, Donna Adams from E Mids Trains two hours to drive to the pretty town of Market Rasen, after which it took another hour to get to our second station, Heckington, where we met the local station group and Poacher Line rail Officer Kaye Robinson. After a lunch stop we’re now heading to one of the smallest stations (in terms of footfall and services), Ancaster.17:37.I’m now on my first train of the day! After visiting Ancaster we ended the day at Radcliffe before Donna drove us back to Derby. We couldn’t have got round all nine stations without Donna’s invaluable help and her local knowledge. Now Mark have gone our separate ways and I’m heading up to Sheffield on a busy East Mids Trains Meridian.


I’m almost home after a long day. Having travelled up from Sheffield on Northern Rail’s ‘scenic’ route via Wakefield Kirkgate and Normanton I’ve added to it by catching a Leeds – Southport service via Dewsbury to get to Sowerby Bridge! I’m looking forward to having a day home tomorrow as there’s lots of plotting, planning and paperwork to do – not to mention picture editing. Here’s a look at the four stations we visited today.


Market Rasen station as 153372 Calls whilst working 2T21, the  09:57 Newark North Gate to Grimsby Town service. Anyone who remembers how unwelcoming this station was in the 1980s-90s will be amazed to see it today. Sadly, the overall roof was demolished in 1941 to ‘aid’ the war effort. 


Heckington station as a pair of EMT Class 158s approach whilst working 2S14, the  12:15 Skegness to Nottingham


Rural Ancaster, looking West from the barrow crossing. Only eight trains per day call here.

DG329174. Radcliffe station. 18.7.19.

Here’s Radcliffe on the Skegness to Nottingham route. Its infrequent service hasn’t put off a dedicated band of station adopters who’ve made great strides in improving its environs.