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The weather forecast was spot-on. It’s never stopped raining in the Calder Valley today. As it’s so bad I’ve stayed in and got on with scanning some more old slides whilst keeping one eye on social media – which has provided a real laugh to brighten up a grim day! Nigel Farage began his ‘MarchtoLeave’ today and it’s provoked some real fun on Twitter as only 200 people have turned up. You can find a report of the event here

Presumably dreamed up after a few too many sherberts in the pub, Farage’s pro Brexit march was meant to be a recreation of the famous Jarrow march of the 1930s – apart from the fact he didn’t start in Jarrow, he’s not walking all the way to London and they’re bussing some sections between towns!

The official hashtag (#Marchforleave) has been subverted and someone has started the #GammonballRun hashtag, which is producing some absolute gems! Here’s a couple.


gammon 3

gammon 4

The march seems a prefect metaphor for Brexit. It was a bad idea poorly executed that’s over promised and under delivered! I expect it will provoke a lot more fun before it either fizzles out or actually makes it to London.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the old slides I’ve been scanning. I’ll add caption details later.

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Right now it’s time to get changed and head out as we’re out with friends in Sowerby Bridge this afternoon, having tapas to celebrate Tony Allan’s birthday. I’ll add some pictures later.


We’ve had a lovely night celebrating Tony’s birthday at the Engine in Sowerby Bridge.

The food was great and the company sublime. Now it’s time to call it a day.