This morning I woke up to the tragic and horrific news from New Zealand, where 49 people have been murdered by right-wing extremists in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch. For me this is no far away incident as I was in Christchurch in January. It’s a city that’s no stranger to suffering as it was devastated by earthquakes several years ago, but this latest tragedy is entirely man-made.

What it highlights is the rise of right-wing extremism, which is something we’re seeing everywhere, even in the UK. We have the likes of Yaxley Lennon (aka’ Tommy Robinson’) peddling his hate and door-stepping at midnight anyone who has the temerity to stand up to him or expose him. We have the far-right ‘yellow jackets’ who abuse MPs and ordinary people on the streets of London and cities like Manchester. Sadly, nowadays, far too many people are apologists for these fascists. It’s about time ordinary, decent people rejected these extremists. We need to become intolerant of intolerance.


After a few hours based at ACoRP towers in Huddersfield I’ve nipped out for a couple of hours in order to make the most of the sunshine whilst we have it as the weather forecast for tomorrow looks awful, so I expect to be stuck indoors.

Right now I’m on a busy Trans-Pennine service heading to Leeds, which us standing room only as usual. I’m looking forward to their new ‘Nova’ trains entering service later this year as then I might be able to get a seat!


Whilst in Leeds I managed to track down one of Northern’s refurbished Class 333 EMUs (013) and take a trip out to Ilkley and back. I have to admit, they look very smart.


Now I’m back in Leeds, having joined the throng hoping to get on the late running 17:06 back to Huddersfield. We’ve all made it on and now there’s 12 of us occupying the vestibule as well as folk stood in the saloon as ‘poets day’* is in full swing.

*Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday!