But in a good way! There’s been so much to blog about but I’ve been taking it easy instead as it’s been a very convivial weekend. Yesterday we were out celebrating a friends birthday which meant today was always going to be a little ‘relaxed’. I’ve spent most of it scanning more old slides like this one. The railways often (rightly) complain about road vehicles striking railway bridges, but for once the boot was on the other foot and it resulted in this ‘italic‘ Class 08…

06480. 08898. Stored in the Down sorting sidings. Bescot. 29.3.97crop

This is what happens when people don’t check loading gauges. The loco concerned was photographed when it was dumped at Bescot (Birmingham) in 1997. It ended up looking this way because it had been used on the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway in South Wales, which had some extremely low bridges. So much so that the locomotives used on the line had to have cut-down cabs so that they fitted. Only no-one checked 08898 had when they used it to deputise for one of the regular locos…

I’ve dozens more slides ready to scan but they’re not going to get done tonight. You’ll find them being added to my website over the next few days. Instead I’m going to have some quality time with my other half. Catch you all tomorrow!