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It’s been a quite start to the day here in Düsseldorf, mainly because of the dull, grey weather, plus the fact I’ve used the time to catch up on some admin and picture editing from the comfort and warmth of my hotel. That said, I’m off to explore shortly and have a few hours wandering before I’ve got to head back to the airport and fly back to the madness of Brexit Britain. Here’s a couple of shots from yesterday to start the day.


Dusseldorf has an extensive tram network and a variety of trams, including these vintage vehicles that people can hire for parties!


The Hauptbahnhof gets into the festive feeling…


I’m back in the Altstadt (old town) after spending some time getting shots at the station. It’s very interesting to see the number of private operators on German rails nowadays. Two names caught my eye as they both operate in the UK: Keolis and Netherlands operator Abellio. Here’s one of the services Abellio operate. The other thing that’s caught my eye is the number of new trains here. I can see I’ve some boning-up on fleets to do.


The weather’s not been as bad as predicted. Whilst it’s grey and damp, it’s mild and the rains failed to materialise, which has made picture-taking easier as I’m not having to start getting into the extreme end of the ISO range.


There’s a lovely atmosphere in the Alstadt. What I like is the way that many of the bars have setting outside, so the walking streets are always lively. They’re equipped with heaters, but they’re mode for comfort on a mild day like today. Right now I’m having a beer outside one such establishment.

I have to admit to being a fan of Weissbier!

Meanwhile, here’s a few phone pics and a selection of camera shots from my wanderings


Foxy lady!


Watching the world go by from a bar in the Alstadt.


I love the variety of architecture here.


These regional trains take 7 – 9 minutes to get from the centre of town to the airport. This was the one that carried me.


I’m now sat in the departure lounge ready to catch the plane. I can’t say I’m too enthused about returning to Brexit Britain. Whilst I was in the immigration queue a German woman spotted the ‘Bollox to Brexit’ sticker on my passport. “No need to guess which way you voted” she said (in English). She is also flying to the UK and asked “What have they done to your country”?

I wish I could have given her an answer, as it’s obvious that Brexit supporters are so immersed in their own little world I doubt they even know themselves.

Today, a Brexit supporting Tory MP of Indian heritage suggested we (literally) starve Ireland to ensure they drop the backstop. It’s such a stunningly stupid comment on so many levels it literally takes your breath away. Priti Patel clearly has no understanding of English/Irish history (try googling the potato famine for a start) so also has no idea of diplomacy. Does she honestly think these empty threats will intimidate Ireland – which has its back covered by the rest of the EU?

What the hell have we become as a nation?


Ready for take off…

19:48 (UK time).

I’m back in Brexit Britain, having negotiated the rat-runs and cramped passages of Manchester Airport, I find that my journey to Huddersfield is going to be ‘fun’ as Trans-Pennine Express have cancelled a number of services. Plan B means I’m now on a Northern Rail service to Blackpool via Manchester Piccadilly, where I’ll see what’s running across the Pennines…