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On December 6th Siemens unveiled their first of their new regional train platform – the Mireo – at their Wildenrath test centre.

The first order is for 24 3-car Mireo’s. This has been placed by Baden-Württemberg, who have bought the trains which will be operated by DB Regio from June 2020 when the fleet is due to be used on the Rhine Valley network, operating regional services on the Offenburg – Freiburg – Basel/Nuennburg (Switzerland) route during the week and on the Kaiserstuhl region from Freiburg to Endingen/Breisach on Sundays. Here’s a selection of pictures from the event.


463 502-5 on the test track at Wildenrath. This is the unit we went for a spin on. Well, several spins really!


The stylish front end of a Mireo


The standard saloon of one of the 26m long driving cars.


In the cab of a Mireo. Their top speed in 160kph.


The open gangway between cars.


These 3 car Mireo’s for DB Regio have a small 1st Class saloon at one end, right behind the cab. 


The 18 metre long centre car, showing the articulated bogies and door arrangements. 

Each 3-car Mireo has space for 27 bicycles in a multi-purpose area. All doors are equipped with a sliding platform that automatically bridges the gap between train and platform to allow easier access.

More about the Mireo

The Mireo’s lightweight welded integral aluminum monocoque construction helps weightsaving, as do the articulated bogies. As much as possible, components have been installed underfloor or on the roof, leaving the interior area fully available for passengers with space for bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs as required. The interior can be converted again and again with minimal effort, whilst the cantilever seating design permits cost-effective cleaning of the passenger area.

Siemens will offer a Hybrid version of the train, as this diagram explains.


The Mireo will be provided in anything from 2 to 7 car formations.