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Yesterday I wished for better weather across West Yorkshire, but the weather Gods decided to ignore my pleas until the very last moment. Dawn had an appointment over in Ossett this morning and asked me if I wanted to accompany her as today was market day – and I do love a good market (which Ossett has). Sadly, what it didn’t have was decent weather, just miserable temperatures and lots of dull cloud. Still, whilst Dee was busy I had a great time exploring the market and I managed to pick up a few bargains at the same time. The market takes over the square outside the old Town Hall, which would be a really attractive Victorian edifice and backdrop if it wasn’t swathed in plastic sheets and scaffolding whilst it’s being restored.

Even so, the mixture of stalls and wheeled shops that make up the market are well worth a look around. Yesterday I complained about the cost of plants as a well-known DIY chain. Today I found the antidote in the shape of a market stall selling a variety of plants for half the price. Needless to say, I succumbed and bought a selection to fill in some gaps in the garden. That said, I was good. I managed to swerve the fantastic cheese stall and the local beer shop! Here’s a few shots from the market.

I love stalls like this – and their prices…
Memory lane models…
The bacon butty stall with coffee for £1 a cup. It’s not artisan coffee and there’s not a Barista in sight but it’s a great place to sit and people-watch.

On the way home we decided to lunch out – only we couldn’t decide where to go. There was nowhere we knew locally so we ended up back in the Colne valley. Our first idea was to try the cafe at the Bolster Moor farm shop but the car park was rammed and the cafe appeared to be too. Plan B was to drop down into nearby Slaithwaite where we found our second choice was also packed so we ended up in a place we’d not visited for years – the ‘Vanilla Bean’ near where Dee use to work. Our lunch wasn’t heavy as we chose the soup of the day (Carrot and Parsnip) which came with huge chunks of granary bread. Dawn ordered a side portion of chips which ended up as a Carb overload but what the hell – we worked it off by a walk along the Huddersfield narrow canal before we headed off to our next rendezvous.

Dawn and our Carbfest..

A couple of hours earlier I’d received a phone call from an Irish friend who was over in the UK. He was travelling around by rail and (on the spur of the moment) had decided to head across from Liverpool to Leeds via our neck of the woods and wondered if we were around? We managed to arrange to meet up in Hebden Bridge and took Neil for a drink in the Robin Hood in Cragg Vale, introducing him to the delights of the Calder valley before depositing him (suitably refreshed) at Halifax station to continue his journey to Leeds and on to…Brighton.

No prizes for guessing where Neil and I are…

Afterwards, Dee and I joined friends in our local to take part in the Friday quiz and talk about the next escapade for the ‘5 from the 6’ as we’re off to Istanbul a week today – a trip that we’ve had planned for so long it feels like a surprise that it’s almost upon us! Expect a few different blogs soon!

Now it’s time for me to wind down for the day before another busy day tomorrow which will include both garden and cooking therapy

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