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We’ve had another mixed day here at Bigland Towers. Considering we’re nearly at the end of April and coasting towards summer the weather feels more like autumn up here in the Pennines. Today we’ve been treated to watery cloud, dull light and temperatures that rarely made it above 10 degrees, although the wind chill made it feel several degrees cooler than that. I’m glad the pair of us were working from home as wandering with the camera wouldn’t have been much fun compared to earlier in the week.

The tow of us have spent most of the day slaving away over hot computers (grateful for the heat source) although we did make it out for an afternoon constitutional through our local woods as part of a perambulatory shopping trip, thus killing two birds with one stone as we saved using the car and got healthier!

On returning home and with me having acclimatised to the cold I decided to spend a couple of hours cleaning up the back garden in the optimistic hope that spring will finally show its face, although (admittedly) many of the seedlings I spent repotting are already convinced that’s the case and are putting on healthy growth spurts. Now I’m praying they’re hardy enough to survive we’ve already had one morning frost this week. Oh, for some sunny days when I can work in the garden in a T-shirt rather then dressing like I’m on a polar expedition! I’m trying to grow more plants from seed and look at reducing what I buy from garden centres and other stores as prices are getting silly. I bought some Sweet Williams 1-2 years ago as part of a deal at B&Q. Then they were 3 trays for £7. This year the same deal cost £10 which is almost a 43% increase. If only I could put my fees up by the same amount! Another plan is to divide up some of the plants I have which are getting too big (Lupins, Hostas, Iris’ etc) and do some bartering to get the new plants I want instead of paying nursery prices. Plus, I’m going to ensure I collect as many seeds as I can from other plants to build up my own seed seed bank. Not only will it save me money, it’ll keep me out of trouble!

Now, back indoors, I’m spending some time updating my eBay account to add a few more old slides for sale. If you’re interested in old rail images from the UK, India and Ireland (starting at as little as £1.99) you’ll be able to find them here after 20:00 this evening.

Now, what to choose for the picture of the day? The camera’s remained in its case these past few days, so here’s something from the archive which brings back memories of sunnier times here in the UK. Here’s looking down on the lovely beach at Slapton Sands in Devon on the 5th August 1994…

You can view – or even buy copies) of my UK travel images such as this one from my Zenfolio website. Here’s a direct link to the UK gallery. With almost 3000 pictures to choose from – taken all around the UK – there’s something for everyone…

Tomorrow we’ll be out and about so I’m hoping for better weather and the chance to add a few more shots to the gallery.

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