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Today was hardly a shining example of the rock and roll lifestyle, but it’s been an enjoyable one nonetheless. Besides, I’m meant to be too old for that sort of thing nowadays, allegedly!

The pair of us enjoyed a relaxed Saturday morning drinking coffee and catching up with the world via social media. I can’t say that much of the news is wonderful or uplifting, there’s far too much trouble in the world for that, but I try to be optimistic. I’d have liked to have got out for a walk but the weather was determined to thwart my ambitions by constantly hurling showers in our direction, so I decided trying to finish off my picture editing was a better use of my time.

The pair of us did get out in the afternoon but only to do a car trip to various shops and supermarkets around the area to stock up on various staples and goodies in order to prepare a Mothers Day lunch for Dee’s mum tomorrow (Dad eats for free!). At least this trip took us out of the Colne valley as we visited the Bolster Moor farm shop in the nearby Colne valley to pick up some lamb. The drive was really enjoyable as cresting the summit between the two valleys offers some fantastic views which were made more spectacular by the various cloud fronts dumping pockets of rain hither and thither. Yorkshire’s brilliant at moody skies like this.

Now, back at home, Dawn’s been busy in the kitchen prepping food for tomorrow. I have to admit, I’m very lucky to have such a talented and enthusiastic cook for a wife – although I will be mucking in to help tomorrow to spread the load. Whilst Dee’s been busy in the kitchen I’ve been occupied in the office trying to get my final selection of Asia pictures captioned and on my website. I’m almost there. You can find new railway shots here, travel pictures here – and some shipping shots here.

Now it’s time for the two of us to come together for some quality time and relax, so I’ll leave you with today’s picture which gives you an idea of what the weather’s been like up here recently. Here’s looking across the Calder valley down to Sowerby Bridge.

It’s hard to believe February was unusually dry here. It seems the rain was waiting for me to get back!

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