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Today’s been Mothers day so the focus has been on Dawn and her family as I lost both my parents many years ago, whilst Dee still has hers. This has meant Dawn’s spent much of the day in the kitchen cooking or preparing a range of dishes for us to take to her parents house in nearby Huddersfield for a special Mothers day meal.

To be honest, Dawn was so organised and efficient most of my contribution was relegated to doing the washing up and helping keep the kitchen tidy whilst Dee sorted out a shoulder of lamb that had been prepared in a slow cooker overnight, then got stuck into baking. As I was supernumerary, I retreated into my office to do some more picture editing and be on call when there was more washing up to be done. I have my uses!

Needless to say, the smells that wafted up from the kitchen were gorgeous. Cooking done and clothes changed we drove over to Dawn’s parents in order to prepare the final meal. Apart from a traffic jam at Ainley Top by the M62 where some poor bugger had broken down and caused a tailback the roads were surprisingly quiet. That said, judging by the amount of men I saw buying flowers yesterday I suspect most of West Yorkshire was doing similar things to us!

Both Norah and John were blown away by the meal. Dawn’s an excellent cook and always delivers something special. The lamb was falling off the bone delicious – as was the gravy which was thickened with liquidised veg (pre-cooked garlic, carrots and onions) that had been used in cooking the lamb. This made for a really rich gravy, full of body that was an ideal accompaniment to the meat. As a dessert we had Dee’s (gluten free) apple pie made with cinnamon and Sultanas.

Now the pair of us are back at home, getting ready to start a new week. So, today’s pictures are very much food based as I can’t resist showing off what we had. Back to the diet tomorrow then…!

Gluten free Apple pie, plus a small Rhubarb crumble for ourselves.
Slow cooked Lamb henry and all the trimmings
Happy mothers Day!
Gluten free apple pie…
The luscious apple pie filling…

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