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Today’s ‘poets day’, an acronym I learned back in the 1980s when I joined the London Borough of Tower Hamlets as a Housing Officer. It stands for ‘Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday’. Not all of us could of course, but if we could release colleagues who could, we would. Those days seem such a long time ago now, but the acronym’s stayed with me.

My (present) day’s been spent working from home whilst hosting my in-laws for a lunchtime coffee. We haven’t seen each other since I got back from Asia and they fancied a run over from Huddersfield so today seemed like a perfect opportunity. It was lovely to see them and it made a welcome break from staring at computer screens. Visit over, I spent another couple of hours working before thinking ‘bugger this, it’s Friday and the weather’s good, let’s get out’ – which is what I did by walking down into Sowerby Bridge before heading back up the hill to join up with old friends in the ‘Big 6’ in order to exercise our brains with the Friday quiz. After two months away it’s been lovely to catch up with people, although I’m not sure slipping back into that pub culture is a good or bad thing. It’s certainly a lot less international than my last ‘local’ in Georgetown – even if the seats are more comfortable!

Now I’m back at home, wrapping up the day whilst Dawn cooks up one of our favorite dishes, spicy Prawns with Garlic bread so I’m ended this blog now. Today’s picture is back to architecture and Merdeka 118, the new building that dominates Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

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