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Today’s blog is one I’ve been hoping to write but the time hasn’t been right until now. If you’re expecting stuff about railways, look away now, because that’s not what this blog’s about. I didn’t actually come here for the railway and the river Kwai bridge either (I did all that years ago). I’ve come here for a much more personal reason and to finally put something behind me that’s been bothering me for a long time.

I first came here in 2009 when my first marriage was falling apart. I didn’t realise that would be the outcome, but both Lynn and I knew things weren’t right between us. What neither of us knew is what secrets the other held. Lynn always used to say “you never know what’s going on between two people – even when you’re one of the two people” – and how right she was. We were here with an old Australian friend called Alison whom we’d met in India in 1998. Poor Alison got caught up in our troubles. I can’t forget any of that. A short while afterwards Alison and I briefly came here with Dawn but the memories are mixed. I’m here now because those memories bother me and I need to create new, more positive ones. And I have. Despite my initial misgivings I’ve really enjoyed being here. Stay away from the tourist tat, the bridge and the girly bars and the people you meet are fantastic. Despite the fact as I write this the rain is hammering down and we’re having the most fantastic thunderstorm I actually feel very positive about being here. I’ve met some lovely local people, eaten some stunning food and found a great place to stay. Oh, and most importantly, I’ve made peace with something that’s been bothering me for a very long time…

Streetlife. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the random washing machines…

Whilst I was hanging around this street corner to take pictures I got chatting to a local guy who was parked up in his scooter taxi, He didn’t want to sell me anything or try and take me anywhere, he was just interested in what I was doing and gave me tips on what traffic to expect coming down the road. I love that. Here in Asia you can smile at a total stranger and get a beaming smile and head nod in return. In most places in the UK they’d think you’re a nutter and eye you with suspicion.

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