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It’s Sunday here in Kanchanaburi. In fact it’s Sunday almost everywhere depending on your time zone, which is always food for thought – unless you’re a member of the flat-earth society!

Today here in Thailand I’ve been trying to relearn an old skill. That of just being. In the 21st century we all lead such hectic lives. My Asia trip has been focused on doing rather than being. I’ve been preoccupied with the things I want to see and those that I want to write about in the future – plus composing a daily blog, editing pitures and responding to events back in the UK.

Today, I decided to simply sit on the verandah outside my room and watch the world go by, without any lists, tick-sheets or any of the other ‘to do’ things we tie ourselves up with. Plus, it’s Sunday apparently, the biblical day of rest. Not that days of the week mean that much to me when I’m travelling, which is why I sometimes get caught out by events. But today I made the effort.

Whilst relearning to be I realized something. I haven’t got a single guide-book with me on this trip. I’ve a Kindle, but I haven’t fired it up once. This part of the world’s so familiar to me I don’t really need guide-books. Besides, I did most of the tourist stuff 20-30 years ago. I’m here for a different reason now, and part of that involves just being.

Oh, and eating.

I love Thai food. Dawn and I often make it at home but having it made for you in Thailand is hard to beat. Especially some of the regional delicacies like Khao Soi – or what I had for my evening meal today – papaya salad (Som Tum). It’s almost impossible to get a proper one in the UK because the real version uses a very young papaya as its main ingredient. In the UK you can substitute papaya with cabbage but it’s not the same.

It’s now late, I had a Whatsapp video call with Dawn earlier which was lovely following on as it did from yesterday’s mixed call with her parents. This time it was just the two of us. So, as it’s late I’m going to end this blog as I’ve plans for tomorrow. The rain I was hoping for hasn’t arrived here but the river’s at least a couple of feet higher. I know this by the fact the gangplank to my ‘floatel’ is now level to the land. Hopefully this will keep the air less hazy so I can have a day out with the camera. We’ll see…

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