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It’s a late blog from me, mainly due to the fact I’ve had a sociable evening with Steve Beames and his lovely wife Carol. I’d never met them before but we have dozens of mutual railway friends on Facebook and one of them tipped us off that we were in the same country together. All of us are on more than normal holidays and share a love of travel, food, railways and certain beverages so it would have been rude not to have met up and said hello. We ended up chatting for several hours.

The earlier part of my day was equally relaxed. I’d been up early so that I could sort out more work and edit pictures, as well as pondering and deciding to stay a few more days here in Kanchanaburi. Unlike Bangkok, the pollution that’s been hanging in the air for the past few days has finally begun to clear. Now I can actually see the surrounding hills which have been reduced to a ghostly image until now. There’s a threat of rain tomorrow, which will really clear the air.

The weekend’s brought an influx of people to where I’m staying but it’s still not busy. This evening was actually quite relaxed and fun. One chap was fishing off the end of the houses – watched by the young daughter of the French family who’ve moved in next door, especially when he caught fish after fish. His colleague was out in a little boat cutting back the water Hyacinth to free up space around the ‘floatel’ for swimmers and boats.

All in all an enjoyable day. I even got to make my weekly video call to Dawn – only this time it included her parents. Oh, and I found a restaurant that sold the classic North Thai dish Khao Soi – so I was well happy. Admittedly, this was the chicken version rather than the pure veg one but even so – it was gorgeous!

Such is the simple life here in Kanchanaburi. Tomorrow (depending on the weather) I’ll be exploring more…

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