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Having spent several hours this morning immersed in paperwork and picture editing my stomach reminded me what time it was and encouraged me to go eat. In Bangkok Monday is the day when all the street stalls have an enforced day off due to local ordnances. This means the streets are deathly compared to the reat of the week. It also forced me to find a new place to eat. I found a little cafe on Chakrabongse Rd away from the usual tourist hustle and bustle which looked quite inviting. It served the usual Thai staples including a signature dish I haven’t sampled on this trip (Pad Thai) so that’s what I plumped for, only with prawns. It was both delicious and filling.

Pad Thai, well it’d have been rude not to!

Having stuffed myself my plan was to walk across town to Hualamphong station in order to book a train ticket. It’s a 50 minute walk but you get to sample a lot of Bangkok. Plus, the weather’s warm, but it’s not sticky the way it gets in a few months time. So, I set off, with the idea of getting pictures on the way. Then it all went a bit ‘Pete Tong’. I dug the camera out to get a shot and found the thing was dead as a Dodo. Problem was, I didn’t have my spare battery with me as that was recharging, back at the room. There was no option but to hoof it back to the hotel and pray that the problem really was the battery and not something more serious. I’d been taking pictures last night and thought I still had a few bars life left in this battery. Once I swapped them over the camera sprang back to life – much to my relief! Now I’m hoping the second battery will recharge. By then it was too late to head to the station so I’m having another day exploring locally. I’ll try to get out to Hualamphong early tomorrow as I have a ‘teams’ call with the UK later in the day regarding some work.

Anyways, I’m out with Chris tonight, so pottering locally isn’t a problem. In the meantime, here’s a couple of phone pictures.

It’s a dogs life! These ‘strays’ are actually well looked after by the shopkeepers in this particular Soi – as are their puppies…
Living in a gilded cage? Sometimes local architecture makes you do a double-take…
At least this hotel around the corner from where I’m staying has tried to go for green. I must admit, I’m envious of the swimming pool…

I’ll add a blog update later.

What a lovely evening. I met up with Chrissorn and the two of us spent several hours catching up after so many years that were interrupted by Covid. As usual, I learned a heck of a lot about life in Thailand and Bangkok. It certainly won’t be our last meeting of the trip.

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