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I’ve had another fairly relaxed day here in Bangkok, insofar as I’ve not really moved out of the local area where I’m staying. I’m still exploring and trying to reorientate myself in an area I knew well but that’s undergone a lot of changes due to the pandemic. Tourism was such a vital part of the Thai economy it’s hardly surprising that the world shutting down for so long would have a major impact. The good news is that now tourists are starting to return it’s having a positive impact on economic activity. Even so, it’s sad to see what’s been lost. I spent several hours just wandering the streets earlier and found that an upmarket hotel on the river which I stayed in several times is now derelict. The Navalai was a great place to stay because it had a rooftop swimming pool and was right next door to one of the water taxi piers. Hopefully, it will reopen under a new guise. Today I wandered down the Khao Sarn Road for the first time. This was the original backpackers street which I first stayed on in 1992. It’s changed a bit since then. I wouldn’t dream of staying there now as it’s got far too hedonistic and crowded – and that was 10 years ago. It’s a lot quieter now. Even so, I prefer the Soi’s to the West where I’ve been staying these past few years as they’re much more relaxed.

In between wanderings I’ve been holed up in my hotel, busily editing pictures. I’ve now got all my Malaysian pictures online. You can find the travel ones here and the railway ones here. I’ve still got to edit all my Thai pictures, but you’ll find railways here and travel shots here. One little project I have planned whilst I’m out here is to rationalise the galleries on my Zenfolio website. I’ve far too many from previous travels which are a mix of rail and travel shots, which makes finding stuff messy. Maybe when I find a beach somewhere next month…

It won’t be soon because some work came in on Friday and it looks like I’m going to have to change plans slightly in order to deal with some UK stuff. I’ll know more at the beginning of next week. Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day sorting out bits and rejigging my trip, but in the evening I’m meeting up with an old Thai friend. I’ve not seen Chrissorn since 2017. I’d been planning to come out this way again but then Covid put the mockers on that idea. Where does the time go?

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pictures from todays explorations. Expect more tomorrow…

Here’s something I’ve neglected to mention. Cannabis is now legal in Thailand. Well – ‘ish’. The law’s actually rather confused as it was meant to be about medicinal use rather than recreational use. But that hasn’t stopped an awful lot of places springing up to bring dope to the masses!
There’s also some excellent and imaginative pop-up street bars if alcohol’s still your poison.

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