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Blimey! What a change in the weather! We knew it had been forecast, but it’s still a shock when a cold snap arrives – especially after the mild times we’ve had so far. I’ve still got Lobelia and Geraniums flowering in the garden – in December! Waking up and opening the bedroom blinds to see ice everywhere made us realise how much the temperature had sunk. However, things were made more bearable during the day by the fact we’ve had clear, sunny skies – although those cloudless skies are coming back to haunt us now the sun’s dropped. The weather app on my computer is telling me the temperature outside is already below zero.

Like many people, we’re being economical with the central heating nowadays. Life in the UK is getting increasingly expensive. Well, unless you’re a friend of a Tory Cabinet Minister. In which case, you’ve probably money to throw away thanks to being granted ‘fast track’ access to sell the NHS billions in unusable PPE which is now costing is millions to store before it’s burned. For the rest of us it’s a case of cutting your cloth, so we’re donning more layers, knocking down the thermostat a degree or two whilst looking what else we can do to insulate our home. Oh, the joys of 12 years of Tory Government eh?

Meanwhile, we’re coming up to the festive season and year end. My plans are currently in flux. I’d hoped to get away for Christmas and New Year but the costs of flights to SE-Asia before Xmas were ridiculous. Instead I’m looking at heading off for a couple of months beginning in early January by flying to Singapore when the cost of flights has more than halved. This may be an accidental wise decision due to what looks like an impending ‘winter of discontent’. Not only are the rail unions extending their strikes due to bad faith in negotiations from the Government, it now looks like the UK Border force will be striking too – making escaping Brexit Island at Christmas problematic to say the least. Even if you can get to the airport you may never leave! Watch this space…

In the meantime, here’s today’s picture which was taken from the road above our house a few hours earlier. With clear skies like that you could literally feel the mercury plummeting.

Looking down on Sowerby Bridge and the Calder Valley…

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