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Apologies for the lack of blogging these past couple of days. I’ve been busy but too busy to blog and also wanted to have a time to enjoy my environment rather than always looking for words to describe it in a rolling blog. I was back in London and the South-East for the past few days – pictures of which will appear on my Zenfolio website tomorrow. Today’s been a more relaxing and family orientated day back in West Yorkshire. Aided and abetted by the fact we’ve had the first snowfall of the season. It’s not been much. I opened the bedroom blinds this morning to see a light dusting across the valley and around where we live, but we’re a few meters below the real snowline so it had little impact on us and what there was soon melted.

This afternoon was rather different as we headed over to Huddersfield for the annual Christmas Carol concert at Huddersfield Town Hall which features the Honley Male Voice Choir and guests. OK, I’m possibly slightly biased as my Father-in-Law sings with the choir! But, they do put on a fantastic Christmas show and the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery band who provide the musical accompaniment are excellent – as are the other guests. The surrounding are superb too. Where they play at Huddersfield Town Hall is an amazing space – as you’ll see shortly.

Now we’re back at home. Dawn is shouting at the TV as England play France in the world cup whilst I worry about my laptop as I type this. The cooling fans have developed asthma and sound on the cusp of giving out, so it looks like they’ll need replacing – especially as I’ll be off to Asia in the New Year. If they struggle in the UK when the temperatures are approaching sub-zero they’ll stand no chance in the tropics! It’s just another job to add to the long list I need tp sort before year end.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture – and video – from today’s concert.

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