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It’s been a long day with lots going on but I’m now on LNER’s 19:45 from Leeds to Kings Cross to stay with a friend overnight ready for an early start to a job in the capital tomorrow morning. I’d have left earlier but I had an important appointment over in the Colne valley which I didn’t want to miss, so I didn’t leave Huddersfield until after 19:00.

Even so, I’ve had a productive day at home, scribbling for a living as well as sorting out some of the huge backlog of pictures I have from Germany and Greece. Dawn’s been just as busy, working from home and getting back up to speed with Community Rail Network business. The pair of us are still getting used to be back and in a familiar routine without letting it take over our lives in the way it did before we went on holiday, although that’s easier said than done!

Heading town to London this time of night at this time of week means the trains are fairly empty. That said, it can still be stressful. I had a 15 minute connection at Leeds but as Trans-Pennine Express aren’t exactly paragons of punctuality you do have that thought that you might end up being seriously delayed at the back of your mind. As it was, the Hull service I was catching from Huddersfield was only a couple of minutes late, although it lost more time stuck outside Leeds waiting for a late-running LNER service from London – which turned out to be the train I was catching!  So, my connection at Leeds was assured – as was a late departure.

91127 being readied to push its train to London Kings Cross

The set in question was a rake of Mk4 coaches pushed by Inter-City liveried 91127. As it’s a fairly uiet train (just not according to the reservation system) I’ve easily bagged a table in the quiet coach behind the loco to set up my mobile office. That said, we’re now speeding South from Doncaster and the ride is ‘lively’ to say the least. My ‘spull chucker’ is having to work overtime correcting the number of missed keystrokes.

The depressing thing about travelling this time of night at this time of year is the whole trip is conducted in darkness. The bright side is that the weather’s still mild – and it’s not raining – well, until I’m working tomorrow, anyway!

Precisely what I’m doing and where tomorrow morning is embargoed, but what I can say is that it involves a rather exciting visit to an important High Speed 2 railway worksite. All will be revealed in the morning…

Right now I’m going to kick back on the train and enjoy the journey. Catch you later!

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