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Christ on a bike – are we really into July already? Where the hell has the year gone? I’ve so much to fit in yet half of 2022 is already history! I’ve been remiss with blogging recently because of trying to catch up with the past (such as slide scanning) and also planning for the future – but expect a few rolling blogs over the next week. After the fantastic Nile Rodgers and Chic concert the other week a band of us are off to see Paloma Faith at the same venue tomorrow.

On Sunday I’ll be heading South as I’m flying out to Hannover from Heathrow on Monday morning as part of a Siemens press trip. There’ll be plenty to write about between then and when I get back to the UK on Tuesday – and there’s still the journey back to Yorkshire. Expect some fun!

In the interim, I’m hoping to be able to edit some of the old slides that I’ve been scanning – such as this one, which I took in Calcutta (now Kolkata) India in February 1998. I first went to Calcutta in 1992 and I fell in love with it straight away. It’s Marmite, you love it or hate it and many Westerners simply can’t cope with it, but I find it a fascinating city.

Kolkata has two Indian lasts. It’s the last place you’ll find rickshaws like this, pulled by human muscle-power – and it’s the last place in India where you’ll find trams (but that’s another story).

Many Westerners are reluctant to use these rickshaws as they see it as demeaning. The problem with that attitude is that it doesn’t help these guys earn a living and keep their families. It’s something I learned having spent a long time travelling in India. These people can’t afford your guilt. When I’m there I’d use them, not haggle too hard and then tip generously afterwards – and thank the Gods that by a pure accident of birth I’m not in their situation.

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