I’ve escaped the Calder Valley today as it’s time for one of my regular perambulations to Milnesbridge in the nearby Colne valley. The weather forecast suggested today was going to be a wet one but the day dawned with a mixture of sunshine and cloud so I’m taking the risk and heading out early in order to explore on the way.

The first leg, strolling downhill to Sowerby Bridge was rather pleasant as the slight breeze stopped me overheating as I’m carrying the (slightly slimmed-down) camera bag today.

Whilst I was waiting for the train I had time to read some of the local history boards that line the platforms thanks to the efforts of the station friends and funding from Community Rail Network. This one in particular caught my eye. It’s the story of a local man who invented a product many of us are familiar with that was (and is) sold around the world. Meet Frederick Walton…

I love these history boards as they’re informative, educational and add to people’s understanding of an area.

Right now I’m on a 3-car Class 158, the 09:24 from Sowerby Bridge which is heading for Leeds via Brighouse. It’s a relatively quiet train that’s slowly filling up on the way.


As usual, I swapped trains at Dewsbury to retrace some of my steps to Huddersfield. Whilst I was there I remembered the station commemorates two local men who were important in the modern digital revolution and computer age.

Right now I’m sipping a coffee having scoffed a bacon roll from the excellent station cafe. This will fortify me for my next leg. As I’ve so much time in the bank I’m going to eschew my normal route (walking along the canal from Slaithwaite to Milnsbride) and walk directly from Huddersfield, shadowing the railway to visit a couple of photographic locations en-route.


I’m now high above Milnesbridge having walked from Huddersfield through a district called Paddock. I’ve not been that way since the pandemic and it’s rather depressing. So many shops and pubs closed their doors for the final time – although they didn’t know it at the time. The deadly combination of Covid and Brexit has proved fatal to so many businesses.

Right now I’m at a local landmark which offers stunning views.


That last picture was taken atop the Longwood Tower. I’ve now descended, passed under the viaduct you see in the picture and climbed above it on the other side. Now it’s time for a break, rest and go off the grid for a while. Catch you later…


My final visit to Milnesbridge (for now) over and done with I caught the bus back into Huddersfield before transferring to the train for a trip to Leeds. My Hull bound TPE service was the quietest I’ve been on for a while but then it was a 6-car! The earlier train I caught from Dewsbury was absolutely rammed Wwith people and suitcases, many of whom appeared to be heading for the train’s final destination – Manchester Airport.


My trip to Leeds was interesting as some Network Rail compounds have sprung up as part of the forthcoming TRU (Transpennine Route Upgrade) including a large one at Batley which I need to visit. Leeds station was in the interregnum between rush-hours yet still contained plenty of people. I only hung around long enough to catch the first train out to the Aire valley and Bingley that I could. I’ve decided to pop in and join a group that (despite regular invitations) I’ve only managed to catch up with once before. ‘Wind Up North’ is a weekly meeting of present and former rail staff (and friends) that moves between different pubs in different towns. Today the rendezvous is the new pub/restaurant in the old stationmaster’s house at Bingley.


Here we are…

The station building is just out of shot to the right and the railway in a cutting behind.

Sadly, as the rendezvous point only had one real ale pump working we adjourned to another fine establishment just down the road, the, Chip N Ern Ale House. which is where I took this shot of some of the gang..


Tempting as it was I didn’t stay for more than a couple of pints as I’ve a busy few days ahead of me. Having travelled back by walking across Bradford city to connect via the two stations then walking home through Halifax I feel rather virtuous as the beer I had has certainly been burned off! I also managed to dodge the incoming rain which was fortunate. Now I’m looking at this sky out of the bedroom window.

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