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It’s another short blog from me today. After yesterday’s day out I’ve been very much home and office based trying to catch up on stuff. I’ve been threatening to get back to selling surplus slides and other railway memorabilia on eBay but having let my account lapse over the past year that’s been made even more complicated by the fact I’m starting from scratch. I’m having to relist everything, which is a major PITA, but it’s allowed me to be more organised this time when it comes to record keeping. In theory I’ll benefit in the long run as I’ll find it easier to keep track of stuff. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

I’ve managed to reload a couple of hundred surplus slides so far and hope to at least double that over the weekend before getting into all the memorabilia. All this stuff’s been sitting in cupboards for years so it’s time it went to new homes. I’ll be adding the occasional link to stuff in the future, bit for now, the picture of the day is a slide that’ll be on eBay very soon.

I took this shot in Limerick, Ireland way back in 2003 when Irish Rail was still using locomotives and coaching stock on a lot of services. This meant many locations had station pilots – engines who’s only job was to shunt empty coaches around the place. Like this one.

‘Baby GM’ 146 prepares to haul a rake of the old ‘Cravens’ coaches out of Limerick station whilst a brand new railcar sits in the opposite platform. Their introduction would lead to the demise of scenes like this.

As well as UK railways going back to 1990 I’ll be putting pictures up for sale from other countries (like Ireland) that will include Sri Lanka, Malaysia and also the last days of Indian steam trains. Watch this space…

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