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It’s been a semi-relaxing weekend here at Bigland Towers, which has encompassed a variety of activities undertaken in a leisurely way. The fact the weather’s stayed dry has been a bonus as one does get sick of trudging through mud and being swaddled in waterproofs. It’s been nice to don clothing with a little more sartorial elegance and not look like you’re about to trek to the North Pole!

We’ve even managed to tick off a few jobs off the list too – but nowhere near as many as we planned because just living got in the way. Sometimes it’s good not to spend all your time trying to hit targets and tick things of lists and just ‘be’. Part of this was having an evening out at a restaurant which we’d never eaten at before. Not only that, it was at a part of Halifax we pass on a regular basis but have never explored (although we should). It’s called Dean Clough Mills. Once home to Crossley carpets this massive complex stretches for over half a mile, covering 22 acres and consists of 16 grade 2 listed Victorian mills. Saltaire has nothing on this place. It’s huge!

Our dinner date was at a place called Thai Corner, run by the same people who have a fantastic food stall in Halifax market where I’d occasionally pop in to buy one of their signature dishes as you rarely see it on Thai menu’s on the UK – Khao Soi. This is a Northern Thai specialty and it’s delicious. So, you can imagine our disappointment to find that it wasn’t on the menu at their new venture. Even so, we had a good night out, letting someone else take the culinary strain for a change.

Today was even more relaxed. We’d been virtuous and walked to/from Dean Clough yesterday (just under a 5 mile round trip) so didn’t feel bad about having a lie-in and pootling around for most of the day before wandering down into Sowerby Bridge for a drink. After all, it’s a busy week for the both of us next week and this is what weekends are made for.

Now we’re back at home preparing for the week ahead. Dee’s cooking and I’m packing for the next couple of days away as I’ve a night in Nottingham with some interesting side trips aside. So, I’ll leave you with the picture of the day which is a taster of another railway picture blog I’ll be writing when I have enough time. Here’s Wandsworth Common railway station on the 16th July 2001…

21 years ago trains on this route had been taken over by French company ‘Connex’ and this Victoria to Caterham bound Class 455 carries their livery. Connex won two franchises operating out of London, both South of the Thames. The former South-Eastern and Central divisions in third rail country. To say they made a pigs-ear of them would be an understatement! The trains got a new livery but that was all. They were dirty and vandalised and Connex got a hammering in the press. It’s a very different railway now and these old trains are scheduled to disappear by the end of the year. I still can’t believe I took this 21 years ago as in some ways it seems like yesterday…

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