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The pair of us have had rather a lazy day today, indulging ourselves for once by not watching the clock or setting ourselves targets to let the day unravel at its own speed. Having served coffee and breakfast I still managed to be productive workwise by wading through a morass of picture editing and paperwork before lunchtime. Oh, the joys of freelance life!

The weather here in the Calder Valley remains mild and mostly dry, so we also managed to get out for a late afternoon constitutional, walking through our local woods where the trees have attained their panoply of autumn colours to look stunning. Heading downhill to the valley bottom we joined the canal for an easy stroll into Sowerby Bridge and a short interlude in Williams Bar where we enjoyed a quiet drink away from the masses. Well, what passes for ‘masses’ in Sowerby Bridge on a Sunday in October! I indulged in a pint of Arizona from our late friend Tony’s Phoenix brewery whilst Dawn pushed the boat out with a diet Coke!

The steep walk back uphill is always a little harder after adding some extra liquid ballast but we’re used to that. Now we’re home Dawn’s busied herself in the kitchen whilst I’m ensconced in the office looking at hotel options for my forthcoming trip to Scotland. I know what place that I won’t be staying! I stumbled across this ‘gem’ during my research. Clearly, some people are ‘extracting the urine’ when it comes to charging for accommodation thanks to the forthcoming COP26 conference!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the day which is far removed from Scotland or Yorkshire. I took it in Watchbell St, Rye, East Sussex earlier this week. I love this style of building, but I’d hate to think how much they cost to maintain. We live in a stone-built cottage that dates from the 1850s and that’s bad enough…

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