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Wow! After such a long spell of absolutely perishing weather we’ve actually had a day where the temperature made it into double figures at the right end of the thermometer! Being able to walk without being swaddled in scarves, hats and gloves made an extremely pleasant change – as did the fact the heavy rain we’d had the other day had washed almost all of the snow away and the day stayed dry. One was almost tempted to believe Spring may be on the way but it’s going to take more than one day of mild weather to convince me of that. Even so, I’m beginning to think it might be time to fettle the front garden and clear up the garden bench in the hope that we can spend less time cooped up indoors…

Still, whilst we are, I have plenty to keep me occupied. I’ve a stack of articles to write and pictures to scan. One of the latest batch forms today’s picture. I took this shot of the Albert Bridge in London on the 14th January 2001 which was a crisp clear winter’s day with some glorious low winter sunshine. The Albert Bridge is of a rather unique design, although it’s been modified a couple of times since it opened in 1873. Along with Tower Bridge to the East it shares the distinction of being one of only two Thames road bridges that have never been replaced.

Seen here from the North Bank of the Thames, the slender Albert Bridge is an attractive and graceful structure.

When I’ve finished editing the newest scans from London later this week you’ll be able to find them in this gallery on my Zenfolio picture library website.

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