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We’ve had another perishing day here in West Yorkshire, with temperatures that never got above freezing, coupled with biting winds and snow flurries throughout the day. Fortunately, the worst snow fell on the hilltops above us, so we’ve remained pretty much unscathed.

The week’s not started off in great fashion as we had to take Jet, our cat back to the vets for a check-up and found he needed antibiotics for a mouth infection. The boy old boy’s been through the mill over the past week, so we could have done without that – but hey ho…

On our return we both decided ‘sod it’ and took time out for a drive out in the snow for a change of routine and scenery, anything the break up the monotony of yet another ‘Groundhog Day’. Venturing up to Mount Tabor we caught the full force of a snowstorm blowing in, which was quite spectacular as the road started disappearing in minutes. Fortunately is soon blew itself out so we ventured further afield to the opposite side of the Calder valley up above Rishworth to areas we hadn’t explored before, then joined the A58 Rochdale road to venture across the border into Lancashire at Littleborough before swinging East to come home. We didn’t leave the car at any point so we didn’t feel bad about bending the lockdown rules slightly. Besides, it was great for our sanity to be able to see something and somewhere outside of the everyday routine.

The weather forecast is predicting more snow over the next few days. We’ll have to see how that goes as we’re both meant to be working in Huddersfield on Wednesday. Time (and the weather) will tell…

Back at the ranch we we grateful to be in the warm and I continued with sorting through old slides, which has provided me with the picture of the day – one of the latest batch from India. It’s also a reminder that – despite whatever problems we’re experiencing, others have life harder. I took this shot in Ahmedabad, the capital of the Indian state of Gujarat on the 21st February 2000. Ahmedabad was an Indian version of Manchester 60 years ago with the city skyline dominated by factory chimneys. At one time I counted almost 50 of them from the roof of my hotel, although by 2000 this number was in decline. The cotton trade and other heavy industries meant that there was a lot of demand for goods to be carted around the city and human muscle-power moved a lot of it as men, women and children pulled hand-carts like this through the traffic-clogged and polluted streets.

You’ll be able to find the full selection of Indian pictures in this gallery on my website. The latest batch include an Indian wedding as well as more shots from Ahmedabad. I’ve only a few dozen more to add, then we move on to a selection from somewhere very different to India. Denmark!

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