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For the first time since lockdown began the pair of us made it out of West Yorkshire today – albeit only for a drive of a few hours. Having done various chores and some shopping we decided to see where the roads took us and went exploring to places we’d never been. Having headed over to Wainstalls, Mount Tabor and Ogden we found ourselves out on Ovenden Moor before ending up in Oxenhope. Another throw of the dice found us passing through Stanbury before crossing the border into Lancashire and skirting the edge of Colne. The weather was miserable, with low cloud and lots of showers. Even so, it was lovely to be out exploring places we never knew existed, like Trawden and Widdop, before we re-entered Calderdale and familiar names like Hebden Bridge. I was amazed by how little you have to travel from urban areas before you’re out in the middle of nowhere. It makes me realise that the folks who complain that the UK is becoming increasingly urban and built on really do need to get out more.

Once back home we settled in for the evening as the weather wasn’t going to play ball and be conducive to evening strolls. Whilst Dawn practiced her culinary magic I spent a couple of hours in the office sorting out a glitch on my Zenfolio website that meant people couldn’t buy prints of pictures, then fulfilled more eBay purchases to get them off to buyers before settling down to eat. Dawn had baked a quiche for us to take on a picnic tomorrow whilst also preparing tonight’s repast – Mushrooms risoniotto, made with Orzo pasta. It’s gorgeous!


Right, it’s time to knock off for the evening and spend some quality time together, so here’s the picture of the day, which I took at sunset on the 16th January 2004 from Eriyadoo Island in the Maldives. I don’t want to knock West Yorkshire, but it certainly puts what we’re seeing here tonight into perspective!

17285. Sunset. Eriyadoo Island. Maldives. 16.1.2004.crop


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