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It’s been one of those days. I managed to get some work done this morning but this afternoon I had to nip into Halifax in order to try and get a suitcase repaired. Problem is, very few people do that sort of thing nowadays! We’re such a disposable society that it’s taken me ages to find a shop that might be able to do it. If I was in India or elsewhere in Asia it would take me 10 mins!

Still, all’s not lost. As the place I was recommended was in Halifax market I paid a visit to the ever popular ‘Thai corner’ cafe which serves some brilliant food, including one of my favourite northern Thai dishes, Kow Soi. There’s nearly always a queue here, as you can see from the picture.

As it’s Friday I popped into my local (The Big 6) on my way home as a group of us tend to have our own little quiz night in a corner of the bar, with one of us reading questions from the local Pub Paper Magazine. Normally it’s Mel, a woman with such a superbly thick Lancashire accent that you need sub-titles! Tonight’s beer selection wasn’t too shabby either.

Now we’re back at home, packing for the weekend as we’re off to London in the morning. Our first stop will be to meet up with several friend and colleagues from the #RailwayFamily to join the march against Brexit tomorrow, so expect a few pictures and a blog during the day – 4G permitting as that number of people tend to swamp it! Afterwards we’re heading over to Clapham to celebrate an old friends 50th birthday.