I’m just leaving this here as I’m not going to try and keep a running commentary on this as it would take up to much of my day to distil any sort of sense out of what’s happening at the moment. I’ll try and do that this evening when we know what people might actually be voting on.

Suffice it to say that it’s utterly bizarre and a sign of just how broken politics is tin the UK that we’re not allowed a second referendum on a decision that was made with a majority of 52/48 (and let’s not even get into the criminality and the fiddles inherent in that vote) yet Teresa May is pushing for Parliament to be given a THIRD chance to vote on her deal, despite it having been rejected TWICE, once by a majority of 231 and the second time by 149!


The votes are over and the farce continues, only now it’s guaranteed to last even longer as Teresa May is having to go back to the EU and ask for an extension of Article 50 beyond the 29th March, the date we were meant to be leaving. After watching some of the charade in Parliament and the votes on various amendments I only have one conclusion. Half the people in Parliament are certifiable. They have no sense of shame at what they’re putting this country through or the absolute shambles they’re making of it. Businesses must have their heads in their hands as they haven’t got a clue where they stand. Our EU neighbours must be looking on with a mix of bemusement and horror at the fact Parliament still can’t work out what it wants to do about Brexit.

So, what do we know? Two things. We know that Teresa May will be making another attempt to get her deal through Parliament next week in a ‘third time lucky’ bid. We also know that she’ll be going cap in hand to the EU summit to ask for an extension of Article 50.

What don’t we know? We don’t know if she’ll get her deal through Parliament on the third attempt so we don’t know what position she’ll be in when she goes to the EU summit. We also don’t know how long and extension of article 50 the EU will agree to give us, or even they’ll agree – as it needs unanimity from all 27 members. If her deal fails again, an extension until June is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Still, we’ve ‘taken back control’ eh? God help us, as each day passes that slogan becomes more and more hollow.

The tragic thing about today’s votes was that MPs rejected a cross-party plan to allow MPs to take control of the Brexit process by the tiny margin of two. My particular ire is directed at the old Labour dinosaurs like Dennis Skinner and the mad Kate Hoey, who voted with the government. Once this mess is finally put to bed I fervently hope there’s a reckoning at the ballot box…

Meanwhile, the agony and uncertainty continue. I wonder how many more businesses are triggering their relocation plans now?