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It’s a busy day for me today as I’m off to Leeds for a rail depot visit, but first came more important stuff – Valentine’s day morning with my wife and a lovely exchange of cards. Here’s the one I received. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Now we’re off to a less pleasant task – a bi-annual check-up at the dentists and a session with the hygienist. Not the most fun thing, but I’m rather attached to my teeth!


Oh, the joys of dentists waiting rooms. The only thing to read is the Daily Heil, sorry, Mail which I wouldn’t even wipe my backside with. Then I found this. Who knew being tongue-tied wasn’t just an expression?


The pair of us have had our 6 monthly check-ups with the Dentist finding nothing to worry about. We’ve also had our teeth cleaned with a whizzy new machine that uses warm water to blast away any scale. The old days of pointy scrapers are a thing of the past! As my X-ray were many years old the Dentist took some new ones. This tech’s changed too. There’s no more gripping a holder with a bit of film in it between your teeth. Now you stand in a machine that scans around your entire jaw to take a digital image that appears on a screen in the consulting room in minutes. They’re even going to email me a copy!

Before we left I had to fill in another form giving my current state of health. Everything was fine until it came to signing it and adding the date. Immediately I turned to Dawn and said “Babe, what’s today’s date”? I was rewarded with an incredulous stare and me thinking “D’oh!”

Now I’m on the loose and heading to Leeds on a TPE service from Huddersfield. It’s standing room only (as usual).


It’s not every day that you find a band playing Motorhead’s ‘Ace of spades’ at Leeds station – especially on a double bass, violin and accordion!


Well, that was an interesting and informative couple of hours. I was invited to visit RTS infrastructures Leeds Holbeck depot by an old friend who now works there, Lucy Prior MBE. I remember Holbeck from BR days, when it was a loco depot and home to a various shunting engines as well as mainline locomotives. The depot fell out of the limelight after that. Latterly, it’s been used as a stabling and servicing point for on-track plant (OTP) like dampers and stoneblowers, but – as I found out there’s much, much more happening now. Hopefully, I’ll be writing more about Holbeck soon. In the meantime, here’s a shot of ex GWR 150126 being repainted into the livery of its new operator: Northern Rail.



On my return to Huddersfield I stopped off to suss out a new photographic location at Morley. I’ve always thought the long sweeping curves here would would be good for photography- and so it proved on a bright sunny day like today. A stroll along a footpath led me to a new(ish) footbridge that has replaced a foot crossing. This gave an elevated view which was ideal.


It was only as I left I discovered the sad secret behind the footbridge. What I’d not noticed on my way in was a shrine in a small fenced enclosure tucked away on the side of a nearby building. It’s to a young girl called Natasha Elliott.

In 2010, whilst using the foot crossing, 16 yr old Natasha’s dog ran away along the railway. Natasha managed to save the dog but in doing so was hit by a train and died of her injuries in hospital a few hours later. This tragic accident led to Network Rail closing the foot crossing, replacing it with the bridge I’d been stood on.


Home time! I’m back in Huddersfield, picking up Asian food supplies to stockpile before March, when the excrement hits the Brexit fan…