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I’ve been spending the day working from the ACoRP office here in Huddersfield which isn’t a bad place to work. It’s not often that you get to base yourself in a grade 1 listed railway station!

Unfortunately a chunk of the morning was taken up with replacing my mobile phone. I dropped my old one last night and it performed a perfect belly-flop onto to a stone floor. The noise it made when the phone did an all points impact gave the game away immediately. Sure enough, when I picked it up I found the screen was shattered, which left the phone unusable.


My wallets now £40 lighter as I’ve invested in a new Samsung A8 to replace the knackered S6. To their credit the staff at the Carphone Warehouse didn’t try to sell me something with all the latest bells and whistles and understood what I was after. They were extremely helpful and also informative. Hopefully this phone will last longer than its predecessor!

The superb summer weather we’ve been having has come to a stormy end here in West Yorkshire. I’ve been playing cat and mouse with rain showers which have been heralded by some extraordinarily moody skies and gusts of wind which have made umbrellas all but useless.

Having sorted out what I needed to do in the office I nipped out on a TPE service to Greenfield. I’m still trying to get used to that as it was always Northern Rail who operated the stopping service between Huddersfield and Manchester. Still it was worth getting a soaking to get the following pictures. My intention was to update pictures of the Uppermill viaduct now that TPE have re-liveried all their trains and before the line’s electrified. The interesting weather clinched it. Here’s the view as I walked up the road to get some shots – just after a torrential shower had passed…


Here’s the view of the viaduct itself, looking towards Diggle and the Standedge tunnel.

DG305858The view’s getting hemmed in by trees now, in a few years time it’ll disappear. Here’s a closer look at the viaduct, with the former Saddleworth station (closed in October 1968)beyond.

DG305876 It’s a stunning area to stand and admire the views all around. This shot was taken looking back over Uppermill and Greenfield at Wimberry Crag.


I’ve always loved the trans-Pennine lines via the Colne and Calder valleys and I consider myself lucky to have them on my doorstep. Here’s another view across Uppermill. The town itself is a popular tourist destination as it has plenty of pubs and cafes as well as holding a number of events throughout the year (link). As you can see from the picture below – it’s also great walking country!


The nearest station to Uppermill is Greenfield which has an hourly train service from Manchester and Huddersfield. Greenfield is on the rail ale trail and the Railway Inn is right across the road from the station. Here’s a pair of Paver at Greenfield working the 16:24 service from Manchester Victoria through to Huddersfield.


Tomorrow I get to explore another part of Yorkshire as we’re meeting up with friends to head over to Ilkley and the moor. Hats optional.