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I’ve no time for a full blog today, I’ve been flitting around too much and tonight I’m out with my wife’s family, so here’s the edited highlights as it were!

This morning I popped over to Liverpool to have a look at the rebuilt Lime St station. It’s impressive. This phase has concentrated on the really important stuff, tracks, platform extensions and signalling. Work’s still ongoing but all platforms bar one have reopened. At some point soon I’ll do a ‘then and now’ blog as I’ve pictures going back to the late 1980s which highlight how much things have changed. In the meantime, here’s a couple of shots from today.


Looking back along the rebuilt platforms 3 and 4 (which used to be 4 and 5). The centre roads which were used for stabling trains have been torn up and the platform’s been widened


The Southern extension of platforms 1 and 2 (formerly 2 and 3) has been built across former trackwork, meaning the single tunnel on the left only serves one platform.

DG304568. 350368. 150120. Liverpool Lime St. 3.8.18

The platforms nearest the camera are the new ones which occupy the site of the old taxi/parcels road which (until recently) occupied by the Virgin Trains lounge and waiting rooms.

I’ll add a lot more pictures from this outing to my Zenfolio website in the next few days. Right now I’m back in West Yorkshire at ‘ACoRP towers’ as this weekend it’s the Huddersfield food and drink festival (link). The event’s held on St George’s Sq, right outside the station. If you’ve never been I can really recommend it. Here’s a couple of pictures from earlier this evening.



I’ve lots more to add but right now we’re off to one of our favourite restaurants, Thai Sakon.