Today’s been a rail-free day. Well, free from actual trains anyway as the morning was taken up with editing many of the pictures I’d taken in Liverpool yesterday. I managed to get most of them on my Zenfolio website before Dawn and I were due in Huddersfield. As her brother’s up from Surrey with his son we’d arranged to all go to a bowling alley together with John and Norah, their parents, to make three generations of the Platt family (and me). I’ve not bowled for years – and that was a one off! The last time must have been 12-15 years ago at Finsbury Park in North London when I lived nearby.

Today I managed a reasonable score of 93. I still got beaten by Darren (Dawn’s brother) but all six of us had a thoroughly enjoyable hour. The alley was almost empty when we arrived and packed when we left. What I found interesting was how diverse it was. A group of young Sikh lads were playing in the next lane whilst next to them was a large Muslim family. To our left was a big English family. Ten Pin bowling seems to appeal to all regardless of age or community.

Now I’ve time to sun myself in the family garden and catch up on social media whilst Dawn makes (by popular request) one of her excellent cheesecakes. Darren and I are sloping off to meet some of his friends for a curry in Slaithwaite tonight. Despite having lived in Yorkshire these past 8 years it still amuses me the way no-one can agree how to pronounce the village’s name. Is it Slaithwaite or ‘Slawit’? It depends on who you talk to.

Expect some pictures to be added later. I took the camera bowling, just not my laptop…